CatalystRTW | The Return to Work Specialists

Catalyst RTW® is blessed with an outstanding team of uniquely qualified individuals who share a common vision, work collaboratively and are dedicated to a program of integrity and achievement. When you work with individuals with many challenges, and often with a history of failed attempts, it is critical to mobilize diverse talents, skills and backgrounds. Diversity assures that there will be someone who can effectively work with the disabled worker and effectively communicate with the customer.

Catalyst RTW® has a management team, case managers and return to work specialists who possess CRCs, CCMs, CDMS’ and other professional certifications, have degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling, Psychology, Education, Social Work and Business. Of equal importance, their backgrounds encompass a broad diversity of ethnicity, geography and vocation that assures their ability to be effective with our customers and clients. Importantly, we have staff who have personally overcome disabling conditions in their own lives and can serve as role models for the individuals they work with.

And, our most important team member is you, our customer! We employ seasoned professionals who, in many case, have worked for the companies that are Catalyst’s customers. We understand your needs, context and working environment. All of our efforts are designed to add value to your work and to be performed in ways that ease your work-load, avoid surprises and fulfill our promises. Throughout a case, we listen carefully and have the flexibility to respond creatively.

Working with the most challenging cases requires a ‘can-do’ attitude. It is the belief in achieving success that means we work proactively and won’t give up until we find a positive resolution.

And perhaps most importantly, we like what we do! We think our enthusiasm for our work is infectious and you will enjoy interacting with the Catalyst RTW® team and sharing in the achievement of positive outcomes.