Dan Heit, M.A., Founder

dan-100-catalystDaniel S. Heit, President & CEO has had a distinguished career developing and managing treatment, education, and vocational programs for challenging populations. For nearly 20 years he ran a leadership organization working with troubled teenagers with drug abuse and mental health problems. Achieving national prominence for its innovative effectiveness, the company was sold to a public company.

Dan’s creative ability to devise practical solutions to extremely difficult human problems led to his appointment by President George Bush to a 24-member Presidential Commission for Model Legislation (which included 3 states’ Attorneys General). As a nationally recognized expert in behavioral health programs and president of a national trade association, he met with President Clinton and served on a sub-committee for health care reform.

He is an entrepreneur with a passionate commitment to bring added value to all stakeholders involved with complex multi-faceted problems. Catalyst RTW® is founded on the premise that the best way to serve customers grappling with escalating workers’ compensation and long term disability costs is to provide genuine opportunity to injured and disabled beneficiaries. Cutting costs is seen as the result of a successful return to work program, not as its organizing principle. Return to work programs not only help injured workers rejoin the workforce, but they also allow the worker to once again have a sense of purpose and feel valued as a productive and important employee at their workplace. By focusing on the realities and meeting the needs of injured and disabled workers, Catalyst RTW® provides a cost-effective and positive resolution. The Catalyst approach presumes success and positive outcomes, helping resolve workers’ compensation cases to the benefit of both employers and employees.

We are excited and proud to report that Dan Heit was chosen as a 2013 Finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award!