workers compensation case, working from homeHelping Solve Workers’ Compensation Cases Return to Work

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Catalyst RTW® is able to work anywhere in the nation through a high-tech and hands-on approach to resolving challenging workers’ compensation and long term disability cases. Our work is done telephonically & electronically and, when necessary, we collaborate with local and national vocational companies for on-site services.

Our return to work programs outline the process for allowing injured, ill, or disabled workers to return to their job duties as soon as they are able, as defined by their physician. The worker’s original job duties may be modified through light duty work or other on the job accommodations, or even include a temporary position elsewhere within the company or with a new employer.

We serve our customers–insurance companies, self-insured companies; TPAs and other vocational service companies by helping injured and disabled workers find the meaning and satisfaction that accompany being productive and contributing to an enterprise.

People who have suffered injuries or disabling conditions often come to identify themselves by what they CAN’T do rather than what they CAN DO. As time drags on in some challenging workers’ compensation cases, these feelings can become even stronger, making it more likely that the individual will never return to work. Catalyst RTW® provides the unique combination of motivation, support and opportunity which overcomes seemingly insurmountable barriers to employment. Our proactive approach is complemented by strategic alliances with companies committed to employing disabled workers and offering state of the art training and supervision so that a worker’s compensation case can resolve into a fulfilling career.

Our mission is to reconcile the seemingly opposed interests of company and beneficiary by providing credible opportunities that result in cost-effective solutions whether those involve modified or light duty work or on-the-job training in a new position. We meet the legitimate concerns of our customers by helping individuals take advantage of the opportunity to return to productivity.