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Return to Work

A home based subsidized on-the-job training program effective for individuals with severe disabling conditions and tight medical restrictions; history of unsuccessful return to work efforts; poor labor markets or motivational concerns.

Our structured behavioral management process overcomes obstacles and motivates individuals who have given up on their EmployABILITY.

Return-to-Work the most difficult workers’ compensation and LTD cases:

  • “Impossible”, or non-existent medical release
  • Difficult labor markets
  • Unmotivated or hopeless attitude
  • Remote areas

Upon referral:

  • Evaluation
  • Assess transferable skills
  • Obtain medical release
  • Catalyst obtains employment as home-based worker trained to perform outbound survey calls, inbound customer service, proof-reading or data entry jobs. Any physical accommodations required are addressed. Catalyst continues case management until successful resolution.
  • Carrier provides wage subsidy for supported on-the-job training for 400-750 hours.
  • By 750 hours, subsidy concludes and substantial gainful employment continues (if a transition to non-home based employment is optimal, we will effectuate that at no charge)
  • This program is a genuine return to work solution for the most challenging cases. It’s costs are a fraction of the savings generated.

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TransitionALL is an alternative return to work solution for employers who are unable to provide modified duty work. TransitionALL is unique in that it provides home-based, sedentary telephone survey work to injured workers who may have driving restrictions due to physical limitations or the side effects of prescribed medications. TransitionALL can also provide work at the employer’s work site for employers who prefer to have their injured workers on site.

Key attributes of TransitionALL are its immediacy and ability to accommodate almost all positions. Many employers prefer not to have people on workers’ comp working in their facilities.
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Labor Market Survey (LMS)

Our Vocational Consultants can complete a LMS anywhere in the United States.  Using a combination of information gathered through a vocational interview (as permitted) and a Transferrable Skills Analysis (TSA), the LMS will provide wage and employment data for a variety of jobs that are within the injured worker’s vocational and physical capabilities.  Because we understand that state regulations and your goals for each individual case can vary, our Vocational Consultants will work with you to customize each LMS to meet the specific needs of the case.
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Job Development

Our Vocational Consultants understand that individuals with work-related injuries or disabilities require a supportive and intensive job development approach.  Our consultants are dedicated to identifying positions that suit current interests, personality, skills and physical restrictions of the individual.  As always, all efforts are well documented and expert testimony is available as needed.
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